Email Marketing and Advertising Tips & Tools– the Top Ten Tools for E-mail Marketing

E-mail promotion and marketing does not receive any appreciation. Yet it is incredibly useful. “Liking” a company on Twitter, however, is a lot less uncomfortable than granting them permission to mail you individualized emails. Our e-mail inboxes are the sacred vessel of all marketers. Verily, many of the keen social media marketing professionals these days (secretly) use social media sites to drive e-mail newsletter sign-ups. Such as: have you ever noticed (or wondered) the reason why when someone you “subscribe” to on YouTube posts a v-log you get — an email? Or when you’re talked about on Facebook you get — an e-mail? Many of the leading social media websites also (secretly) utilize email to keep pushing users to come back.

In that spirit, listed here are the top ten greatest free techniques and useful resources for e-mail marketing!

E-mail Marketing Tools

1. E-mail Subject Line Testing – Due to the fact that subject-line characteristic is generally a critical element in email message deliverability (particularly for mass marketing and advertising email messages), utilize this handy tool to analyze your recommended e-mail subject line before hitting Send. It grades your subject line on more than 20 variables using a traffic signal analogy (red, yellow, green ) and provides clickable links to show short definitions for each factor.

2. Small Company Guide to E-mail Marketing – Interactive stepwise flow chart to email marketing. Formed of major questions and linked websites from all over the web with further details. Detailed and well-done.

3. E-mail Preview Tool – Despite the ubiquitousness of HTML, neither internet browsers nor e-mail customers or email services render HTML-based email messages the exact same way. After you’ve created your HTML-based newsletter or other correspondence, paste it into this software to see how it will appear in web-based e-mail services such as Hotmail,Yahoo,Gmail, and e-mail clients like Outlook etc.

4. Untorch – This is an e-mail promotion tool. You establish a ‘giveaway’ and then this tool gives you code that demands users to ‘share’ your free stuff to get it. Service is not actually free of cost and charges by the campaign per annum.

5.HTML to Text Email Converter – Due to the fact that some of your e-mail newsletter users favor text vs HTML-based email messages, it’s essential to send out both HTML and text versions of your e-mail messages so their e-mail customer can select the format they prefer. Use this useful tool to rapidly convert your HTML e-mail news-letter into a layout your text-based email subscribers will appreciate.

6. CSS Inliner Tool – Due to the fact that some e-mail services and e-mail clients strip out primary features like head and style from HTML e-mail messages, it’s important the styles in your e-mail messages appear inline within your markup. Use this great tool from MailChimp to convert your HTML e-mail messages to a more email friendly format.

7. Email Spam Checker – Another tool to assess the deliverability of your (bulk) email messages before sending out, this one is from Contactology. It gives a helpful HTML option, and specifies a score which analyzes not only email deliverability but also the possibility that it will display correctly across all e-mail readers (including webmail such as Gmail and Yahoo).

8. Lyris Content Checker for Email – Considering that even bulk email messages with good intentions can be flagged by spam filters, it’s important to steer clear of subject lines and vocabulary which will prevent your messages from getting to their intended receivers. Even though multiple factors comprise email deliverability, unusual content will almost never bypass detection. Make use of this practical trick to examine your email messages for deliverability, because you can never be too certain.

9. E-mail Blacklist Checker – The Internet Protocol address of the e-mail server from where email messages are sent is important in figuring out if they eventually reach their destination. Internet Protocol addresses of e-mail servers used to send junk mail are blacklisted, preventing other, genuine messages sent from the identical IP address (but different domains) from successful delivery. If you feel your e-mail messages aren’t reaching their desired recipients, enter the IP address of your email server in this useful tool to check it against over 100 DNS based email blacklists.

10. Updated Email Test – Would you like to find what a proposed e-mail message will appear like in your inbox? Take advantage of this cool, free technique to test your e-mail messages. Evaluating is the key to effective e-mail ad campaigns.


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